• United Thank Offering

  • Church Periodical Club

  • Daughters of the King

  • National Altar Guild Association

  • Anglican Council of Indigenous Women

  • Black Clergy Women

  • Committee on the Status of Women

  • Conference of Anglican Religious Orders in the Americas

  • Episcopal Appalachian Women

  • Episcopal Asiamerica Women's Convocation

  • Episcopal Church Women

  • Episcopal Women's Caucus

  • Episcopal Women's History Project

  • Girls Friendly Society

  • Hispanic Women

  • Women of Integrity

This is a list of affiliated organizations within the Episcopal Church Women which promote communication, support the different gifts, values and ministries of women, and advance the roles of women in the mission of the Church.

United Thank Offering (UTO)

More than 150 years ago, the United Thank Offering began as a simple way for women to express their gratitude to God for the many blessings shown them day by day, by dropping coins (along with a prayer of thanks) into a simple blue cardboard bank called "The Blue Box." The first "ingathering" of UTO donations was presented at the sixth Triennial Meeting in 1889 and totaled $2,188.64. Small as it was, this gift helped build the first Episcopal Church building in Alaska and sent Lisa Lovell to Japan as the first woman missionary from the Episcopal Church. Donations now exceed $3,000,000.00 annually and are "ingathered" twice a year. Grant requests, received through the local diocese every December, are evaluated and two requests are submitted to the National UTO Committee, which is composed of representatives from each of the Church's nine provinces. Committee members then visit the programs and sites of these requests and award grants. All collected UTO monies go toward these many grants that are awarded yearly.

Daughters of the King (DOK)

This is an Order for women of the Episcopal Church and churches with the historic Episcopate organized in 1885. Every Daughter pledges herself to a lifelong program of study, prayer, service and personal evangelism, dedicated to the extension of Christ's kingdom and to the strengthening of the spiritual life of her parish.
Chapters are organized within parishes, missions and institutions with the consent of the priest, chaplain or bishop. At all times, each member wears the emblem of the Order, a silver Greek cross, The initials FHS, at the base of the cross reminds them that everything is done "For His Sake." Junior Daughters of the King was instituted in 1896 and includes girls up to 20 years old.

Church Periodical Club (CPC)

 The Church Periodical Club is an independent, affiliated organization of the Executive Council of the Episcopal Church, dedicated to the worldwide Ministry of the Printed Word and to the Promotion of Christian Mission. It is the only organization in the Episcopal Church dedicated solely to providing free literature and related materials, both religious and secular, to people all over the world who need and request them and who have no other source for obtaining them. Prayer Books, books for seminarians, educational materials, medical textbooks, agricultural manuals and books for those in local and global mission are some of the publications. For more information follow this link: Church Periodical Club

Miles of Pennies

Miles of Pennies was created specifically to involve and aid children. Sunday School children are encouraged to save pennies and bring them to church to deposit in a special MOP penny jar. Since one mile of pennies is equal to 284,000 pennies, goals can be set for a year equal to one-mile, a half mile or quarter mile, depending on the size of your parish.